Two Months

Can you believe it? Our little Waldron made his grand entrance to the world two months ago today. I decided to do a quick mini-shoot to celebrate. Here’s the same shot as last month so we can compare. I think he’s got more hair and eyelashes and cheeks now.
And while he was smiling at three weeks, he’s doing it much more easily now. Of course, usually the smiles go away when the big black box appears in front of mama’s face. Here’s the beginning of one.

And not a great picture, but it shows a bigger smile. They can get WAY bigger, but he wasn’t feeling those ones this afternoon.
Demure, no?
Lifting his head a bit. He’s super strong (when he wants to be). Mama loves his sweet lips and huge blue eyes, his squishy cheeks (both sets) and the creases on his neck (that smell like cheese) and shoulders.
Nearly a favorite. You get a hint of leg chub and curled toes.
At eight weeks Wally weighed 12 pounds and 4 ounces. We forgot to measure him, but he’s busting out of 0-3 clothes and really fills 3-6. He’s having longer periods of alert and happy time, and now I can lay him on a blanket on the floor and he’ll be content to stare up at the light fixture in the living room. He loves that thing. Abigail is also a favorite source of amusement and he has smiles for her all the time. Big Sis is earning her wings! I LOVE that they entertain each other.
Abigail, Wally, and I have gotten into a groove, and can now make it to engagements on time (and sometimes early!). I’ve had to leave Wally with Grandma several times for preschool or work, but he still isn’t wanting to take a bottle. I can get him to do it when I return, but what’s the point of ME being able to bottle-feed him? Nights are smooth — sometimes he’ll only wake up once (and not till 5am!), and it’s not a big deal when he does wake because we just side-lie nurse and Mama goes back to sleep.
My biggest challenge has been finding time to keep up with work (which is really a good thing) because Wally nurses ALL the time and it’s pretty hard to edit photos with one hand. Other than that (well, that and the incredibly messy house) life is good. The pre-Wally me would be shocked that the post-Wally me could ever write that. I was so nervous about being mom to TWO. But like all moms, I do what I have to and we just make things work. And I guess it helps that I think my two kids are the most wonderful kids in the world.