Fall Fun

Tis the season for family photos. With holiday cards in mind, families flock to photographers to capture the elusive family photo. You know the one — everyone smiling and looking at the camera. But how much does that photo really say about the family beyond “this is what we looked like this year”? My goal for family photos is that they say something more. Something about who this family is and how each member relates to the others. I want my photos to bring back memories of time together.

Angela approached me for her family photos with a specific vision in mind. She wanted a pile of leaves for her family to play in while I photographed their fun. This fit perfectly with my view of what a family portrait should be. On Sunday we made it happen. Here’s what we got!

Angela and her one year old daughter, Jacqueline.
No one cared about getting their clothes dirty. Two and a half year old Colton couldn’t have been happier. I love that Jacqueline is looking at the camera while her family plays.

Leaves flying everywhere!
Colton is ready to fling some leaves.
A REAL smile. The kind you want to remember.
Helping Daddy (Patrick) rake the leaves.
See the love? And a gorgeous Angela.
Even more love.
I’m betting that Colton had a fabulous nap after all the running he did.
Jacqueline keeps it real.
A little more traditional, but still showing connection.
I was just about to put my camera away when I turned and saw Colton buried in a pile of leaves. Well, I couldn’t resist.
And moments later…
We finished up just as the raindrops started to fall. The session was short; the cool air was a bit much for Jacqueline, but I think the fun we had created a wonderful memory that will live on in these photos. Thanks for playing, Angela!