The family of three, though soon to be four.

Sort of reminiscent of this shot, no? Can you believe how old Naomi looks? It has been over a year since her first birthday pics and SO much has happened. Abigail and Naomi continue to be great friends. And her mama, Kelly, continues to be an inspiration to me. She was at Wally’s birth, finishing my early labor baking projects for me (because early labor quickly gave way to active labor), and making me laugh when I finished each contraction. I’m so glad she was there! That’s why I’m so excited for her to have her second baby in early December. And I get to photograph the birth!
Kelly, her husband, Lance, Naomi and I met at Discovery Park for some pregnancy photos. Kelly didn’t have any photos from her first pregnancy and wanted to make sure that this one was well documented. I, of course, am thrilled to help out. Here are a few from our cool (but not rainy!), fall session.
Naomi coming for me.
I love the rings and the bellybutton.
Lance has the craziest laugh. He cracks me up.
Love the wind in her hair.

See how perfectly round her belly is?
Sort of an ominous sky, but a peaceful mama.
Back in Edmonds we took a few urban-ish shots. I can’t get enough of this perspective. I told that to Kelly while taking this shot and she said, “Like the midwife’s perspective?”
And my favorite family shot of the day.
Kelly, I was so nervous about doing your pregnancy photos because it’s YOU and I want you to have the best of everything. Your friendship means the world to me and I am so, so blessed to have you in my life. Now we just have to wait for you to give birth so we can see if your baby will be Wally’s best friend or his future wife!