Three Months

On the 23rd Waldron turned three. months. old. That’s a quarter of a year already! I know I sound like a broken record, but how is this happening so fast? Fall is here, so our naked outdoor shots have probably come to an end. I guess I’ll have to put him in some clothes! But we can do naked shots inside to mama’s heart’s content. Here are a few:

The closeup to compare to two months and one month. His face continues to fill out. His hair is getting longer and is very even all over his head.

Little feet that are quickly growing out of all of Wally’s socks.
This makes me smile. He’s such a happy baby. Of course, when Mama puts the big black box in front of her face, those smiles disappear. This is the hat that Kelly made for him. It still fits, but just barely. Remember his newborn shot with it?
More contemplative and sweet.
And a bonus shot with big sis who continues to love her little bro. Now she says, “I love you, Wally.” before she goes to bed every night.
My little guy is really waking up to the world these days. He has discovered his hands and he’ll use them to grab or bat at items of interest — usually mama’s hair or shirt. Sometimes I’ll catch him staring at his hands while he’s in the swing. I can nearly always elicit a big, open-mouthed smile by standing Wally up on my lap and smiling at him. Lately, when I do this he’ll jerk forward with his mouth open and try to eat my face. It’s a fun game we play. This evening I was kissing his cheeks (fat mama kisses, not just little pecks) and he started laughing and let out the loudest squeal we’ve heard from him.
Our non-scientific measurements get Wally at 25 inches long at three months old, and we guess that he’s about 13 3/4 pounds. Those 3-6 month onesies are on their way out and 6 month clothes are filtering into his wardrobe. I’ve started knitting baby hats (ostensibly for my newborn clients, but Wally and Abby will both benefit from Mama’s new hobby), so you’ll see him in some fun ones in the coming months.
Before Wally was born I worried about how attached I would feel to baby #2, a boy. I have to laugh about that now. Wally is so adorable, beautiful, and amazing, that I am overcome with love for him on a daily basis. And when he looks at me, I swear I see that love mirrored back at me. I am so lucky to be this baby boy’s mama. If only his babyhood wouldn’t fly by so quickly…