Christmas Tree Hunting

On Saturday we went Christmas tree hunting! After a stop at Starbucks where we met our good friends, Kelly, Lance, and Naomi, we all headed north to Arlington and arrived at the Highlead Plantation.
The train ride was one of the big draws to this particular farm. Abby LOVES trains right now — the train Daddy takes to work, the Polar Express, the train tables at numerous toy stores — so we thought this would be a treat.
Just before boarding, Lance and Naomi snuggle.
The mamas and kiddos riding the train down to the trees. Kelly is 39 weeks pregnant here!
And the exploration begins!
Running, running through the mini-forest.
Wally looks a bit grumpy here, but I love those lips!
A rare moment when Mama hands the camera over.
We told Abby to pick a good Christmas tree out for us. She chose this little one. I so wished we could have got it, but with all the trees the same price regardless of size, it just didn’t make sense. Grandma and Grandpa Peterson said that she could pick a little tree out from their backyard next week, so she’ll get her little tree.
My favorite shot of the day. Peeking through the branches.
Naomi was dressed for the drizzly cold day from hood to rainboots. I love the wary expression as she looks at the tree saw.
Lance prepares to cut their chosen one.
The whole family and their Christmas tree. Pretty soon we’ll be taking photos of the baby under that tree.
A sweet moment. I remember holding my two year old at 10 months pregnant. Kelly, I hope you got some rest later that day!
Trev and Abby off to get our tree.
Hitching a ride for the tree.
Even rarer than a shot with me in it: our whole family. Thanks, Kelly! Now we have a shot to put on the bulletin board at preschool.
Wally wore his new bear suit and stayed toasty warm. Plus the mittens taste good! (Thanks, Grandma Peterson.) Oh, and this hat is the second thing I EVER knitted!
I couldn’t bring my camera out and not get a shot of those blue eyes.
A final shot with the train before going to lunch.
This is such a fun age for outdoor adventures. Wally goes along for the ride in the Ergo, and Abby takes off to explore on her own. I hope that we can make this a yearly event. Yes, I’ll get a picture of the tree up and decorated one of these days. And yes, I’ll get some four month shots of Wally up here, too. I know I’ve been rather absent this month. Happy holidays!