Braving the Cold

Little Nolan is preparing to turn one year old in January. We started the celebration a bit early with a freezing cold photoshoot around Seattle. Who knows where we were for this shot? (No fair answering, Megan and Pat.)

Need another clue? How about this one? (Don’t worry, Dad was holding Nolan from behind.)
I adore these smiles.
Of course we had to have lots of kisses. How could you NOT kiss that sweet face?
Change of venue here. This may be my new favorite family shot.
Megan and Nolan playing with the grasses. It was so cold on Sunday, Nolan didn’t want to be put down. Fine with me! We’ve got lots of good shots with Mom and Dad.
Beautiful blue eyes. I love how the hood frames his face.
I loved this of you, Megan.
Thoroughly chilled, we headed back home for some less-bundled shots and a snack. Daddy and Nolan have some fun playing.
But I dragged everyone back outside for a few shots in their adorable front yard. Here’s a wave! Bye bye!
Thanks for being flexible, Megan and Pat. I think our location changes added a lot to our session. I had a wonderful morning chatting with you and playing with sweet Nolan. He’s a champ! Enjoy!