Four months

Well, four months plus a couple of weeks, I guess. I took Wally’s four month photos on November 25th, but it was so dark and dreary that day I vowed to do some more when it was brighter. Did I? No. So here are the original few.

First up, the shot we are using to compare Wally’s changes from month to month. Take a look back through my blog to see how he has grown. I’m noticing that his hair is longer and filling in.
I love the moodiness of this one.
Concentrating on Mr. Mushroom Man. Lucky for MMM — he’s usually getting his head chewed on.

And a sibling shot. Not quite the one I was after, but I still like it.

Wally has discovered his feet and loves to try and hold on to them while lying on the floor. He has rolled over from tummy to back on one occasion (Trev has it on video), but hasn’t done it again. Honestly, he’s not on his tummy a whole lot, so he doesn’t get much time to practice that one. While lying on his back he’ll roll on to his side to catch his knees or feet or a toy that we place just out of reach.

At his four month appointment, Wally weighed in at 15.2 pounds (55th percentile) and 26 inches (90th percentile), which sounds pretty perfect to me. His thighs continue to get chubbier and more fun to squeeze. Abigail still loves her little bro, but has said “you don’t hold Wally, hold me” a couple of times which is hard for a mama to hear. It helps that he has started taking longer naps in the afternoon, which gives me some one on one time with Abby. We’ve gotten into a routine of nursing and reading books on the couch like we did before Wally was born, and it’s a sweet time for us both. But when Wally wakes up she bolts up and yells, “Wally’s awake!” and runs to my bedroom to talk to him. “Hi, Mr. Wallyman. Did you wake up?”

Life is sweet.