My friends and family hear me talk about my desire for Abigail to have a sister all the time. I watched my mom with her two sisters as I was growing up and envied their relationship. How amazing to have girlfriends built right into your family! Of course, I never saw the squabbles of their childhood, so my view of sisterhood may be a bit rosy, but I am still hoping that Abigail will experience life with a sister.

When Heather wrote to me to ask about a session for herself and her two sisters, I jumped at the opportunity. Heather’s twin, Meghann, and their 18 months younger sister, Amy, would be coming home for Christmas — Meghann from back east and Amy from Afghanistan — and they wanted to present their parents with photos to commemorate being all together. What better gift could there be?

We met up in Pioneer Square on Monday to start our session. I loved how they dressed — coordinated, but not identical. Beautiful smiles.
We walked around a couple of blocks looking for interesting photo spots. I love the arms in arms.
One of my favorite shots of the day.
Happy orange.


I like that no one is looking right at the camera here.
Another favorite. We hit Golden Gardens just as the sun was setting and there was lots of flattering evening light.
And finally a shot that makes me think of the power of sisterhood and family. Even though they are spread out over the world and are very different people, they will always have that bond. Heather, Meghann, and Amy, thanks for a fun afternoon of touring Seattle. I love what you are doing for your parents, and I’m sure they are very proud to have such beautiful, smart, caring daughters. Thanks for letting me help you with this gift. Enjoy your time together!