How far we’ve come {Seattle Family Photography}

In the middle of this session, I had to stop and ask Kerry (who I’ve known since junior high), “Can you believe we’re this old?” Kerry and Mary (also a friend from high school) have two beautiful little girls, and while they seem like the same people I knew during school, so much has changed. Of course I know that’s what happens when you grow up, but it still seems impossible that we have grown up. This might make me sad, feeling so old and all, but we are in such an amazing time of life, I wouldn’t wish to be anything else.

Mary, Kerry, Madeline (3+), and Charlotte (6 months) at Gasworks Park.

Not a smiley shot of the girls, but one I keep coming back to.
Here’s a smile! Mary was concerned that, while a generally happy baby, Charlotte tends to frown. I think it’s just the weight of those yummy cheeks.
And another!
Wally does this same sucking on the lower lip face.
Doesn’t she look a like a porcelin doll? Gorgeous creamy skin with hints of pink.Love this of Madeline.
Peekaboo! Madeline came up with all kinds of fun games for us.
Daddy and daughter.
Mama with Madeline.
I love the winding path they are on. Cute boots/leg warmers, too!
My favorite kind of family shot. It looks like Madeline is telling Mom and Dad a story. Charlotte doesn’t really care.
And another less traditional family shot. But really, it’s all about Madeline, right?
Mary and Kerry, thanks for braving the cold for photos. It makes me so happy to see you two together and beautiful family you’ve created. Enjoy!