Emmeline turns one

I had tears in my eyes as I drove to this session. Exactly a year ago I had been driving to the hospital to photograph Emmeline’s birth, and there I was driving to photograph Emmeline for her first birthday. Because her mama signed her up for my baby plan, I’ve seen Emmeline at three months, six months, and nine months, and now at one year. She has literally grown up in front of my lens. And now she’s graduating!

Angel and Eric threw a birthday extravaganza at the Tulalip Resort, so I met them beforehand to do photos. Ordinarily I wouldn’t recommend scheduling photos on the same day as a party, but with Angel’s incredible gift for organization and planning, it seemed to work out really well. We started off in their beautiful hotel suite and then moved to the pool/atrium for a different locale.

There’s something I love about this image, though I’m not sure what it is. The way she’s kicking out a foot or holding her hand or investigating the rock — something about it is so sweet. Oh, and Angel made this adorable dress.
Love the reflection in the glass and the leg chub.

Angel had requested a silhouette shot, similar to one we took of her when she was pregnant.
Goofing around back in the hotel room.
Another silhouette that I adore. See the line of Emmeline’s cheek?
More love from Mama.
Getting prepped for some cake smashing.
And here she is about to taste cake for the first time. Gorgeous ladybugs!
Emmeline started off daintily sampling the ladybugs, but she got the hang of things after a bit. By the end she was even using her feet to explore the confection.
And a post-cake bath. These were some of my favorite of the day! Emmeline seems to be pretty at home in the water.
I’m so honored to have photographed Emmeline through her first year. Thank you, Angel and Eric for letting me help you document her milestones and watch her grow. I’ve also loved watching you grow as parents, and it is so good to see how over the moon you are for your little girl. Congratulations to you, and happy birthday to Emmeline!