Don’t tell Kerry…

but I know what he’s getting for Father’s Day! What started out as a first birthday session for Charlotte morphed into a Father’s Day session. Charlotte was not in the mood to be the star yesterday. Whenever we put her down, we got shots like this:

The tears are just about to start.

While I LOVE this next one (I think I’ve compared Charlotte to a porcelin doll before, and I’ll do it again here), it’s still on the serious, why-are-you-doing-this-to-me side.

And when we sat her in the grass with her balloons, all we got was this:

So we switched gears, knowing that it just wasn’t Charlotte’s day. And that’s when I got this:

And my favorite, this:

I’m incredibly jealous. I want shots like those with MY kids. I’m determined to make it happen. Anyway, we decided to try Charlotte’s photos next week on her turf so we can capture that happy baby girl that she is. But I’m glad we caught a few of Mary and her girls to surprise Kerry with. What dad wouldn’t LOVE to have a photo of his best girls for Father’s Day?