Pretty in Pink

Remember Stephanie and Mike? Well, they’ve been joined by little Courtney now and are very much in love. I got to meet their little one on Monday and she was almost exactly the size of my Abigail when she was born. Nineteen and a half inches and seven pounds, 11 ounces. It’s such a sweet, pleasantly plump, but still little, size. And boy, did this girl sleep! She just melted wherever we put her. Of course, the heating pad and the 85 degree room probably helped with that.

Was there any doubt that this baby would be adorable? Love the fingers and toes by her face.

Stephanie had done all sorts of Etsy shopping in preparation for her daughter’s debut. She’s one well-accessorized baby! Kissable lips go with everything, too.

I was surprised at how un-scrunched-looking Courtney is. Perfectly filled out.

OK, those of you who know me well, know that I’m not a tutu mama. But when you see one like this, it makes you want to rethink things…

I’m going to have Trevor start making some cocoons like this for me. Courtney really seemed to love snuggling in it. I like how it holds her feet together in prayer position.

Yes, she was REALLY feeling the cocoon.

Eventually, Courtney did wake up and I got a glimpse of her shiny eyes. Something about the corners of her mouth make me see Stephanie in her.

A stolen kiss from Daddy and perfect little toes.

Stephanie seems so calm and at peace as a mother. In this  photo and in real life. Courtney seemed to know she was home in her mama’s arms.

One last shot of the new family of three.

Stephanie and Mike, I’m so thrilled for you. Courtney is absolutely beautiful and I’m honored to have gotten to help you document the belly and the babe. Congratulations!