A & R at C & P {Seattle Maternity Photography}

Usually my clients end up choosing the beach or a park for their belly photos. The results are always beautiful and natural, and I love that, but when Anna mentioned doing her pregnancy photos at West Seattle’s C & P Coffee Company, I was thrilled to try something so different. It did not disappoint. Not only was their chai wonderful (the perfect balance between sweet and spicy), but there were all kinds of nooks and colors and textures — it was heaven. Add in Anna, who is gorgeous and really knows how to use her eyes to connect with the camera, and Ryan who was up for anything, and I was giddy. What thrills me even more is that in a month or so, we’ll be bringing baby back for his or her newborn photos. But let’s see some of Anna!

We started off at their home, which is just a short walk from C & P. Love these lashes.

Will someone please tell me what this kind of tree is? I always see them and their red berries, but I don’t know what they are. I like how it adds some color in this shot outside of Anna and Ryan’s home.

And here she is with her winning smile and just a hint of attitude. One of my favorite parts of this shot is Anna’s bellybutton. Is it strange that I’ve always been jealous of women whose bellybuttons pop when they are pregnant?

Did you hear me squeal over this?

A close-up. Who is in there? Anna and Ryan won’t find out until he or she arrives. So fun!

Another wardrobe change (I love when I get to play dress-up with my clients!) and Anna chilled in her hot heels as Ryan went off to get her drink. So many things to love!

See what I mean about those eyes? And Ryan’s expression is so sweet.


And one last smoldering look at C&P’s front door. Anna is an amazing knitter and made that scarf. Don’t worry, Anna, we got some knitting shots, too. I just adore this.

A big thank you to Pete of C&P for letting me have free reign over his place. He was so gracious to let me move furniture around and not kick me out for the several times I jumped up and down with glee. I can’t wait to go back!