Huckleberry’s Birth Slideshow {Seattle Home Birth Photography}

Every time I go to a birth, I learn something new. I see something stunning and am in awe of how differently every woman goes through the process of birth. Some women need to cling to their partners (me), some don’t want to be touched. Some find pain management in walking, some in lying down. Some you can hear two blocks down the street, and some you won’t hear at all. What is amazing is that each woman finds what works for her, and that is one thing (among many) that I love about birth. You find your own path. And that’s what makes hearing (or witnessing) birth stories so compelling.

Autumn’s birth taught me that birth can be quiet. Peaceful. Intensely internal. She listened to music, swayed, and breathed through contractions. No moaning, no touching. She was so calm that I thought I had arrived way too early (I try to show up to a birth once active labor has started). I was shocked when an hour or so later, as she was getting into the tub, she said she was pushing a little bit with each contraction because it felt better that way. My prior experiences with birth (my own and my clients’) had taught me that the louder you were, the closer you were to the end. Not so with Autumn.

As you look at the photographs below (a very few of my many favorites) and watch the slideshow telling Huckleberry’s birth story, I hope that feeling of tranquil peace comes across. Autumn worked hard before labor to create a soothing environment for birth which perfectly complemented her laboring style. I also hope you get a sense of this birth as a truly family event. Sawyer (their three year old son) was right there through the birth and even got to help cut the cord. Afterward, as Huckleberry, Autumn, and Wes snuggled on the bed, Sawyer joined them to read books and peek at his baby brother and soak up love from his parents. It all felt very natural, comfortable and right.

Please enjoy!

And here you have the whole story.