Nora Sue {Seattle Newborn Photography}

I couldn’t wait to photograph newborn Nora, but she had other ideas. Nora has her own agenda, and she knows how to make people wait. She did not want to arrive anytime close to her due date, so Anna and Ryan waited until fifteen days later to meet her. She did not want to fall asleep on our scheduled session day, so we scheduled another day that we hoped would suit her a bit more.  I’m sure we’d all say that this little one is worth waiting for.

Anna is certainly enthralled.

Ryan can’t stop kissing his daughter.

And together they make such a sweet family of three.  Nora seems to be loving their coos here.

Anna made Nora’s green hat. I love the blues and greens in this image.

Motherhood seems to suit Anna beautifully.

On my second visit, we finally (with the help of Anna’s mom) got Nora to sleep. She flashed all kinds of smiles. I love how the corners of her mouth turn up.

A big yawn and stretch on a family-made blanket.

Another little hint of a smile. What is she dreaming about? Trevor made this fuzzy hat.

Even at 14 days old, Nora’s skin was perfect.

At just over eight pounds, Nora is pleasantly plump. I believe Kathy (Anna’s mom) made this blanket. Am I right? It photographs beautifully.

Sweet bum and toes and cheek and shoulder. So many baby parts to love.

Nora kept sleeping, so we played a bit more. This is another one of Trevor’s creations.

And here’s a hat I made! We got exactly one shot in it as Nora was waking up, and it’s one of my favorites.

Nora knew when mama was close; doesn’t she look content here?  Anna, this is gorgeous of you, too.

Beautiful blue eyes and pink lips. Happy baby and happy mama.

Another favorite. Nora already knows how to work the camera. How can you not melt as you look into those eyes?

Anna and Ryan, I loved seeing you as parents. Your home is bursting with love, and it was such a pleasure for me to bask in your happiness…twice. 🙂 Congratulations!