Talia’s Birth {Seattle Birth Photography}

Photographing another photographer’s birth is a cause for a few nerves. Photographing Emily Weaver Brown‘s birth, is cause for a few more. Remember her fabulous images of Wally’s birth? Needless to say, when she told me she was pregnant last February, I got nervous. But once that phone call came on November 1st at 4:50am saying that her labor had started, all that anxiety vanished. I was going to a birth! My favorite thing. And I knew it would be amazing.

Emily had created a beautiful birth space in her home with candles everywhere. It was a dark, rainy morning, but when I arrived around seven and entered her home, it was like stepping into a warm, cozy spa.  Emily was already in her birth pool, breathing through contractions and joking with her husband, Myles, between them. It wasn’t long though, before things got more intense for Emily and the joking (for the most part) subsided. Her doula, Megan Miles, and her midwife, Heike Doyle, arrived soon Emily was asking to get out of the pool and go to her bed. She labored in her room for a while with Heike and Megan pushing on her back to relieve some intense back pain, and finally pushed her baby out sitting on the birth stool with her husband holding her and her son, Simon, just an arm’s reach away. The moment when Emily discovered that her baby was a girl is my favorite memory of the whole birth. So much joy! You can read Emily’s retelling of her birth story here.

Some things I loved about this birth:

  • Being at home. Emily created the perfect environment for her to give birth in. She was able to go wherever she wanted in her home and feel completely comfortable. And those candles — gorgeous! After the birth, Emily and babe were tucked into bed and waited on, hand and foot.
  • Simon was there. At two and a half years old, Simon has already had first hand experience with normal birth. He was able to see his mama when he wanted and play trains when he wanted, and he witnessed how his sister came into the world. No stork stories for him!
  • A wonderful birth team. I’m sure Emily (and Heike) was appreciative of the extra support that Megan provided. Everyone there had complete confidence in Emily’s ability to birth her baby and you could feel that positive vibe the whole morning.
  • Her friend caught! Andrea, Emily’s friend and also a midwife, had just given birth to twins a few weeks earlier, yet she still made it to Emily’s house in time to catch the baby.
  • Champagne. If there is ever a cause for celebration, this is it. Of course I don’t turn down champagne at 10am after a beautiful birth.
  • The name. It took most of the day for the announcement of baby’s name, but it was worth the wait. Talia Sabine.

Below are a few images from Talia’s birth and then at the bottom of the post is the slideshow. Enjoy!

And here you have the whole story.

Congratulations to Emily, Myles and Simon. It was an incredible honor to experience this with you and photograph your transition to a family of four.