Louisa’s Birth Story {Seattle Birth Photography}

Who am I to try to write the birth story of an award-winning author? I would love to read Bonnie’s account of giving birth to Louisa, and maybe someday we’ll get to, but for now, I’m excited to tell the story of how Bonnie birthed Louisa through my photography.  Each shot is worth a thousand words, right?

I will mention a few things I loved about this birth, though.

  • Bonnie gave birth at home. I’m referring not only to the house where she lives, but to the fact that she is in her home state after 15 years of being away. Being at home allowed Bonnie to have her sister with her, and family not far away. And of course, I got to be there, too! Bonnie was surrounded by love as she brought Louisa into the world.
  • Big sister Josie was included. Just as Louisa was crowning, Dan woke up Josie and together they watched as Louisa joined their family. I love when siblings get to be there for the big event! She was so excited and happy, and obviously well prepared for what was happening in front of her.
  • Bonnie’s sister, Mandy, doula-ed beautifully. (Yes, I made that word up.) Who better than your sister to love you and support you and encourage you through labor? Of course, I knew Mandy would be fabulous because she was my doula, too.
  • Brandy Ross and Megan Miles.  They provided fabulous midwifery care. I’ve learned so much from this duo. (This was my second birth with Brandy attending and my third with Megan there.) The biggest lesson I’ve taken away is that labor can take MANY different forms and still be NORMAL. And when Bonnie needed some extra care after the birth, they did what they needed to do with smiles on their faces. No drama.
  • Mandy’s chocolate chip cookies. THE best cookies ever and great motivation to push your baby out and get yourself one.
  • VBAC!

Now some photographs!

And here you have the whole story.  Enjoy!