Angel {Seattle Maternity Photography}

Angel and Eric are two of my very first clients. I was honored to photograph their journey into parenthood with their first daughter, Emmeline, and I’m equally honored and excited to get to follow them a second time through belly, birth, and newborn babe. Emmeline is going to have a little sister!

At 35 weeks, we met at the beach to do some belly/family shots. It wasn’t the sunny day at the beach we were hoping for, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. It’s so fun to hang out with this family.

Love this moment between Angel and Eric and little sister, and the shot of Angel through the driftwood is definitely a new favorite.

Unfortunately, the dark skies opened up with some rain, so we decided to cut the evening short and return in a week. Angel was 36 weeks when we went back and was granted the beautiful, sunny day she had been hoping for. On our way out to the beach we crossed this bridge over the train tracks. The light was beautiful, so we stopped for a few shots. Can you see the difference in her belly from 35 to 36 weeks? It’s amazing to me. Little sister is preparing for her entrance into the world. (Interestingly, Angel started having some early labor just a few days later. Will baby stay put for a few more weeks or join us sooner??)

This first shot is my favorite family shot of our session(s). Angel and Eric look so happy, and Emmeline looks a tad wary.

Finally, Angel changed into this sleek dress and we shot a few more. The first shot below was a misfire as I was switching my camera to manual focus (the sun was making auto focus difficult), but I LOVE IT. So soft and pretty. And I adore the shot on the right of Angel laughing. It feels very ANGEL to me.

Angel and Eric, I’m staying close to my phone and am so, so excited for our next session! Enjoy your remaining time as a family of three!