Sun drenched {Seattle Family Photography}

Saturday afternoon I returned to my beloved field with the sun on the opposite side. I was there to photograph not one, but two families and their matriarch. You may remember Megan, Pat, and Nolan from when Nolan was eleven months old. This day couldn’t have been more different from that chilly session. Ninety plus degrees and not a cloud in the sky! Megan’s sister, Emily, and her husband, Cameron, and their daughter, Clementine, joined us in the sunshine, along with Margot, Megan and Emily’s mother. I felt bad making people trek from place to place in the heat, but I think it all turned out just fine.

First up Emily, Cameron, and Clementine (don’t you love that name?). I could not get enough of that little girl!

And here you have Megan, Pat, and Nolan chilling in the shade. Megan is the owner of Spot On Events, and she came prepared to accessorize. I love it! This top shot is one of my new favorite family photos.

The driving force of this session was the desire to get photos of Margot with her family, especially the grandchildren.

And how adorable are those grandkids? Clementine and Nolan were SO cute together.

Megan, Emily, and family, thanks for braving the heat! Enjoy!