Earth Mama {Seattle Maternity Photography}

It’s interesting how each pregnancy and each child changes you. Your first initiates you into motherhood with all the joy and challenge that entails. There’s so much anticipation and anxiety and upheaval as you adapt to a life devoted to caring for someone else. Maternity photos with first time moms are super fun because they are standing on the brink of a whole different life.

Then when you are pregnant with your second child you feel a little more aware of the enormity of what’s coming, but much of your focus is still on that first child and how he or she is going to be impacted by the birth of a sibling. Maternity photos with second time moms often center around the family unit and that first child joining in the anticipation of a new life.

Now, I’ve only got two kiddos, so that’s where my first hand experience ends, but my dear friend, Kelly, is now pregnant with her third child, and I’ve been watching her carefully to see how this pregnancy is inherently different from the others. I feel like at this point in motherhood, there is a realization that it is ok to do something for yourself. To protect your self and nurture yourself, even as you are raising your family. This is important for all mothers, but it can take a while to come to that understanding. When I asked Kelly what she wanted to do for her maternity photos this time, she said she wanted a shot with both of her kiddos and the belly, but then she wanted to go off and do something fun and different of just her. I loved that plan! I don’t often have such a willing subject, so we did just that. Here is Kelly’s kids and belly shot. I love that Peter is showing us his belly, too, and Naomi is cuddling up to her mama in typical Naomi fashion.

That afternoon we went out just the two of us to have some fun. I believe I was jumping up and down at one point because I was so excited. Ever since seeing The Business of Being Born I’ve wanted to do maternity photos with a flower crown. Kelly is the perfect earth mama and was up for it, so I got some flowers at the Edmonds market and put one together. We went to my favorite field and played in the grass and sun. I’m so in love with what we got. Kelly now has some really stunning pictures of herself in all her pregnant glory. I can’t pick a favorite.

And because Kelly is really and truly up for anything, we did some water shots, too. She looks at home there, doesn’t she?

I hope these images get displayed somewhere where Kelly can see them every day and remember to take time for herself. Thank you, Kelly, for letting me play! Four and a half weeks (or so) and we’ll be doing a whole different kind of photography! (But who’s counting, right?)