Merry Christmas, Amber!

It’s no secret that I have a pretty awful Starbucks habit. My vice? A tall, whole milk, no water chai. I started feeling a little better about this when I read an article on how to be a stay-at-home mom and a work-from-home business person without losing your sanity. The author actually recommended having a vice, and I can absolutely see why. I look forward to that warm cup of goodness every day. It calms me down, perks me up, and is something that I can do for ME.  All this is to say that we frequent the drive-thru on 196th A LOT.

Why that particular Starbucks? A. The drive thru is a must with two little kids. B. This particular store makes the BEST chais. I’ll avoid some Starbucks because they make chais that taste off. When I told this to a friend who used to be a barista, she had some theories about why that is. And with so much riding on my chai of the day, I can’t afford for it to be off. So when at all possible we go to 196th. C. The baristas know us. They call us the Whole Milkersons (because we all order drinks with whole milk) and are very friendly.

But one barista in particular, Amber, really stands out. In my mind, she is what makes the Starbucks on 196th my haven. You can hear the smile in her voice as she greets us by name when we pull up to order. No matter where she is in the store, if she’s working, she pops over to the window to say hi to us. When we get out drinks, each of our names is written with a smiley face on our cup. Amber makes my day better, every time I see her. And of course, she makes the most deliciously foamy chai. 🙂

So I want to give a little something back to Amber. A little bit of the happiness that she’s given us. Amber, thank you for being you. I’d like to give you a family photo session and a DVD of all the images, and celebrate you and the wonderful person you are. Give me a call or send me an email and we’ll get your session all set up.  Merry Christmas!

Oh, and here’s an image I shared over on my One Frame a Day blog, but I thought it was appropriate here.