Back in the saddle {Seattle Baby Photography}

After nine months of constantly shooting, editing, blogging, I was SO ready for the break I took over the holidays. Aside from my whole family (and most of my extended family) getting the stomach flu, it was a WONDERFUL time of being lazy and hanging out with my favorite people. We also got some exciting news! 🙂 But it felt great to pick up my camera and take a little drive to see Carrie, Jeff, and their sweet Maya on Saturday. She showed me her room (adorned with owls), her books (A Snowy Day is her delicious favorite), her dog, Rosie (who completely sold me on whippets – I’m in love), her cat, Kitty, and her love of the water. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Maya showed her serious side quite a bit, but she really got a kick out of that girl in the window. Jeff will probably be upset that I didn’t photoshop out the slobber on the window, but I think it adds to the charm of the shot. Sorry, Jeff. 🙂

I LOVE this red hooded sweater, and Maya wears it well. Yay for bare baby feet, even in January! And we ended our session with a bath in mama and daddy’s big tub. Maya is going to be a swimmer, for sure. She dunked herself a couple of times, but didn’t seem to care. Babies in baths are the BEST, but a close second is a baby fresh from the bath. Such a good way to end a session!

Carrie and Jeff, it was wonderful to get to see you in your home. Maya is a lucky, lucky little girl. Thanks for having me over!