40 Weeks!

It has been so long since I blogged that I hardly remember how! And it has been even longer since I put anything personal up on this blog. Once I started my One Frame a Day project, everything personal went over there, though this year I haven’t been good at posting those, either. Well, brace yourselves for a whole bunch of personal posts here and on the One Frame blog, because baby is due any day now and I’m sure I’ll be wanting to share baby stuff with you all.

Today I am forty weeks pregnant. While baby #3 has really kept me guessing with regular contractions since 35 weeks, it seems that s/he is more like his/her siblings than I thought. No early babies for me! Abby and Wally were both 41 weeks when they chose to arrive. And that is FINE with me because I’ve had so much to do in my work arena, preschool arena, and home arena, that I would have lost my mind if baby had shown up early. Things are starting to wind down now. The house is almost clean (just the laundry room still needs help), the birth room is ready (we took out our dining table to make room for the birth tub and have been filling the room with all kinds of good things in preparation for the birth), preschool stuff has slowed (I’m Chair of our co-op board and that has been no small task), and I’m super close to being finished with One Tree work. During our nightly Epsom salt bath yesterday, I told baby that s/he is free to come any time now. So we’ll just see what happens! I’m looking forward to several evenings of just sitting and knitting before baby’s arrival. Maybe on my birthday?

Anyway, today we went on our annual Christmas Tree Hunt with our dear friends, the Groesbecks. The sun peeked out, the kids behaved, the cameras clicked, and yes, the trees fell.

Wally looked every ounce the lumberjack.

And, typically, Abby just wanted to goof around. That first shot is her “Camera Abby”.

Don’t you think every mama should have a belly pic or two with a saw? I know I’ve started a trend here.

And while it really is all about the photos, we managed to come away with a tree, too. The kids watched Trevor and Lance secure it to the car and held the rope on the inside all the way to brunch. After a while Wally asked if someone else could hold the rope because his arms were tired and he didn’t want the tree to fall off the car. Poor guy.

And yes, we managed to find car seats that will allow us to keep my beloved Passat for a while longer. I’m SO happy not to have to give up my heated seats this winter! I’m guessing the next post will include some new baby. Or if I get bored (ha!) maybe I’ll post a couple of shots of our birth room. It’s really cool.