Newborn Graehl {Seattle Newborn Photography}

There is so much to catch up on! Blogging is incredibly slow when trying to do it with a nursing baby in my lap. So is editing. Heck, so is EVERYTHING! But I’m coming out of blogging silence so Torie can see a few images from our session last weekend and choose some images for a birth announcement. Maybe this emergence from oblivion will also motivate me to blog about Novie’s birth (just realized that if you aren’t on Facebook or peeking at One Frame a Day, you might not even know that my baby is a girl, named November Sue) and first (almost) three months. We’ll see!

Back to sweet Graeh! I was honored to photograph Graehl’s birth on February 5th. His mama worked HARD and birthed him at home en caul. So cool! Yes, that warrants a whole other blog post. On his eleventh day I went back to do Graehl’s newborn photos and see how this family has transitioned to life with two kids. Big sister got to hold her brother and squeeze his cheeks, mama and daddy each got some cuddle time bathed in beautiful natural light, and Graehl soaked it all up.

When doing maternity photos for Torie, she sat on this window bench and marveled over her baby Graehl bump. I loved coming back to the same spot with her baby out in the world. Emery and Alex joined in and we got some of my favorite images of the day.

Upstairs we gathered around Torie and Alex’s bed and admired Graehl as he slept. He woke up with a yawn and gave us a look at his baby blues.

Finally we made a little nest for Graehl on my beanbag and got a few of those posed, sleepy baby shots. These are fun because you can see how similar Graehl looks to his big sister. So adorable! And like all babies, he let us know when he was ALL FINISHED. Don’t worry, Torie, I have some cute, content baby shots on the polka dots, too. I’m just partial to this mad face. 🙂

Torie and Alex, thank you, thank you for allowing me to help you document this incredible time in your lives. I cant wait to see these images all over your gorgeous home.