Newborn Emerson {Seattle Newborn Photography}

Every time I photograph a newborn baby it’s special. Getting to see a new little life and the family adjusting around her is an honor. But when the newborn is the second child of clients whose first I’ve photographed since those newborn days, well, that’s something else. I met Jenn and Grady when Calum was eight days old. Now he’s three and a half and a big brother. Little Emerson joined the family on February 17th (the same day as Colin from the last post!) and I photographed her at seven days old. It was so great to see this new family of four, and to watch Calum marvel over Emmy’s little feet (and refuse to hold her if her bellybutton was showing). Emerson is another little peanut, and I could see the resemblance between her and her big brother right away. Such a little sweetie. I adore this first shot of her looking up at the camera. An old soul, don’t you think? And how perfect is that little smile on Emmy’s face as she’s held by her mama? I’ve been liking black and white quite a bit lately – especially for those dramatic or moody window shots.We ended with some more dreamy shots on white. Love the spit bubbles in that first shot.
I’m so looking forward to watching Emerson grow. She’s got lots of trips to Rattlesnake Lake ahead of her, with a big brother who can show her what it’s all about. Jenn and Grady, I’m so happy for you, especially knowing that Emerson is a bit easier than Calum was at this age. Juggling two kids definitely has its challenges, but one day soon, Emmy will be laying on the floor laughing at Calum’s antics and you’ll be amazed at the bond that is between them. Congratulations!