A Month of Novie-Love: Day 1

Some of you old school One Tree Photography fans will remember that when Wally turned six months old I took a shot of him every day for a month and called it A Month of Wally-Love. And then, not to leave Abby out, I took a shot of her (at two and a half) every day for a month, calling it the month of Abby-Love. Well, guess who turned six months old today?! That’s right, Novie Sue. To celebrate I am instituting a month of Novie-Love. A photo each day of her to celebrate the prime of her baby-hood. And no iPhone pics! I’m forcing myself to get out the big girl camera, just like the old days. 🙂

So yeah, Novie Sue is six months old. She weighed 14 pounds 11 ounces this evening, which surprised me because Abby was 14 pounds 13 ounces at this age. All this time I’ve been thinking that Abby was SO small at six months. I guess not. However, Novie is (unscientifially) 27 inches long, a full inch longer than Abby was. But we’ve known from the first moments after meeting Novie and seeing her huge hands and feet that she would be tall.

Novie, Trevor, Wally, and I went down to the beach (our favorite spot) to take some pictures this evening. (Abby is at camp with her school.) She’s still a fairly unreliable sitter, but Novie is able to sit without propping herself up with her hands now. At least for a bit. We’re not quite ready to try her on concrete yet. She loves the sand, and got huge smiles when we let her put her hands in it. This pic is her trying to show me how cool it is. She’s one happy baby girl. Except right now because I’m trying to post this and she’s hungry and tired and not amused by Trevor’s distractions. So I’ll go.