A dark and stormy Saturday {Seattle Lifestyle Family Photography}

Usually my photography sessions are a mix of portrait (posed shots often with people looking at the camera) and lifestyle (photographing you in your home, doing the things you love) images, but I always ask clients what they prefer. After all, these are YOUR images, and I want them to be everything you’ve hoped for. When I asked Ernie what he wanted for his family’s images, he chose straight up lifestyle (thinking the kiddos would NOT go for portraits)…and my heart skipped a beat. I LOVE lifestyle sessions. They are so relaxed (a really great option with kiddos) and meaningful. My focus is on the relationships between members of the family and freezing moments that are YOU. What you love to do. What makes you happy.These are the things worth remembering.

So I was thrilled to be going to Ernie and Will’s home a couple of Saturdays ago, knowing I was going to get to do something a little different and super fun. Except it was SUCH a dark morning. Really, probably the darkest morning we’ll have in 2014. It was dark, and pouring rain, and WINDY, too! (You may remember people’s power going out before the big football game?) I knew my low-light skills were going to be tested. Thankfully, Will had all kinds of lamps stashed around the house that he brought out to help. And you know what? It all worked. When I look at these images, I get a warm, cozy feeling, in part from the lamplight and fire, but also just from the love and laughter in this family. It was so fun to photograph them being themselves, playing games, being silly, and just being together.

First up, a game of Sorry!. That’s five-year old Perry in the first shot, waiting for everyone to come to the table. He was VERY excited to play. Brennan (9) was played it a little cool at first, but I know he was enjoying this just as much as Perry. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever played Sorry before, but it seems like a good one for practicing counting. We may have to try it.

After Sorry!, we moved on to Hullabaloo. Another game I had never seen before. Kind of like a cross between musical chairs and Twister and Cranium? Definitely a winner for capturing the silly side of this family. And a major challenge for me!

After the craziness, I suggested reading some books (yay for stationary subjects!), so the kiddos took turns reading with Papa and Daddy. This first one of Will and Brennan is one of my favorites of the day. I love the lamplight behind them casting a warm glow, and Brennan is totally into the book. (A graphic novel about Darth Vader as a dad — hilarious!) Each photo below is taken in a different, meaningful place in their home.

After reading, there was some wrestling, and then some quieter time by the fire (with Emma, their dog). And then, the clouds just began to part and let some sunlight in, and with the sun came…Batman! Really, does it get better than that?

Ernie and Will, thank you for inviting me into your beautiful, hilarious, and love-filled home. The dark and stormy weather couldn’t touch the warmth of the life you’ve built together.