Happy birth day, Lowen! {Seattle Birth Photography}

One year ago today I photographed a beautiful, peaceful, super-fun home birth. My Novie Sue was just six weeks old and I was still very much in new-mama land, which is why this birth has waited a year to be blogged. But I think a birthday is a good time for looking back and remembering the details of birth. So Angela, friend, I’m sorry this took me so long, but congratulations on Lowen’s first year. I know it is bittersweet when our babes reach this milestone, so I hope looking back through your photos helps.

If Angela had been a first-time mama, I wouldn’t have taken this birth. But because second babies are often pretty quick, and because Angela is a dear friend from FIRST grade, and because she was using my own midwives, and because she’s a doula and I think it’s super cool to see fellow birth-workers do birth for themselves, and, and, and…I left my six week old babe for the second time ever to be at this birth. (Novie did just fine with Trevor, by the way.)

Now, it has been a year, and some of the details about the texts that were sent and the times and things are a bit fuzzy (Angela, I hope you wrote everything down), but there are a few things that I remember vividly and LOVED about this birth:

  • Angela’s spirit. This woman has the sweetest energy around. Even in rocking, hard labor, she was smiling, laughing, and being a mama to her daughter, Heidi. Angela is the kind of person who makes YOU feel like a better person just being around her.
  • A fabulous birth team. As a doula herself, Angela has got some connections in the birth world, and she assembled an incredible team. Of course, I may be biased, because her midwives are my midwives, but wow, was that a treat to get to be at a birth with Ali six weeks after Ali attended (part of) my birth. And Micki was there assisting (who had also been at my birth). This was the first time I had met Angela’s doula, Heidi Biddle, but I am such a fan of hers now. Heidi had also attended Angela’s daughter’s birth, and it was obvious that they worked together beautifully.
  • Motivation on the big screen. Angela had put together a slideshow of motivational quotes and images to help set the mood at this birth. What a great idea! I don’t know if Angela had any time to actually look at them, but I did, and it was a perfect reminder of how sacred and powerful birth is.
  • Snow. I arrived at Angela’s house in the dark night and left just as it was getting light. When we stepped outside there was a fine layer of snow on the ground. It seemed like a little birth day present for Lowen, something special to mark the huge event that had just occurred inside Angela and Jonathan’s warm and cozy home. And it was just enough to be pretty, but not enough to make driving back home a challenge. 🙂

And here you have the whole story. Happy birth day, Angela! It was such an honor to photograph Lowen’s birth. Congratulations on a wonderful first year!