Seattle Birth Photography | The Birth of Tristan

In December I photographed one of my all-time favorite births. Love and light were everywhere.

There is so much to love about this birth! Here are just a few highlights:

  • Daylight. As a birth photographer, I have to work in all kinds of lighting situations, but most of them are happening at night. But this birth happened during the day and the light! Oh, it makes me so happy to see the light in these photos. It’s also really awesome to not get woken up in the middle of the night. My first head’s up text from Erin came in at 7:15am. I arrived at her home around 9:30am, and baby Tristan was born at 12:57pm.
  • Laboring at home. Erin and Matt wanted the majority of labor to happen at home. They live just a few minutes from the hospital, but wanted to labor in the comfort and privacy of their own home until Erin was ready for the large hospital tub. Their older girls, Natalie and Charlotte, alternated between doing craft projects and playing with cars and helping their mama labor. Their sweet hands rubbed Erin’s back through contractions, and their hugs and kisses had to have helped the oxytocin flow.
  • Wendy. Erin’s doula and friend, Wendy of Embracing the New Normal, was so on top of what Erin needed. They had birthed together before, and they made an amazing team. They communicated fluidly, and when labor was intense, they hardly needed words. I loved getting to watch Wendy nurture Erin and give her what she needed.
  • A supportive doctor. For her second VBAC, Erin wanted as little intervention as possible. Basically a home birth that transitioned to the hospital but still felt like a home birth. Not many doctors would be as accommodating and hands-off as Erin’s. But Erin and her doctor both knew that birth is a normal part of life treated it that way. So refreshing!
  • Surprise gender. You know I’m a sucker for surprise gender births. There is nothing like that moment of finding out the gender of the baby you’ve carried for nine months. Tristan was on his way up to his mama’s chest when Matt said, “It’s a boy!” He caught me by surprise; I don’t know how he could see that fast! How fun to have a boy after two girls.
  • Father and son.  Matt was a beautiful support for Erin during the whole labor. Having done this twice before, he had a pretty good sense of what Erin would want and need from him. They worked together so well. But once his son was born, oh my goodness, Matt’s eyes were just glued to his baby boy. I love all the shots of him bending down, peering at the boy on Erin’s chest. He was mesmerized.
  • Love. Everywhere you looked at this birth, there was love. Everywhere. It makes me smile just thinking about it now. You can’t have too much love!

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