More love and light. {Seattle Newborn and Family Photography}

What’s better than photographing a love and light filled birth? Getting to go back and photograph the new family of five! Tristan was on the slightly older side of newborn at almost four weeks old when we did some family photos. But that didn’t matter at all. I had such a great time (again) with this family. We started out with some nursing photos since Tristan was awake and wanting to eat. How gorgeous are these? When there’s a new baby in the house, I think big siblings know that when mama is nursing it’s a good time to get some cuddles in. And I love those nursing/cuddling photos.

After he was fed, I spent some time in each girl’s room doing photos of what they love to do best. For Charlotte, that was playing cars with Daddy. But without clothes on, so we’ll keep those photos just for her parents. 🙂 I did get this sweet one of Charlotte in her purple bed, though.

Natalie spent some time coloring at her desk. Her mama told me that she sees who Natalie is going to grow up to be in this image. I agree. She looks awfully sophisticated here.

We made sure that each member of the family got some one on one time with baby Tristan. Matt looks so proud here.

And we took a few images of Tristan by himself. He had JUST drifted off to sleep. So cuddly.

It’s safe to say that the girls are smitten with their new baby brother.

Tristan didn’t sleep long, so it was time to nurse a bit more, and these are some of my absolute favorite family photos. Relaxed and real and loving.

To finish off our session, Tristan and Erin took a bath. Photo day is always a little tough on babies, but baths are SO soothing. Especially with mama. I have so many favorites from this session, but this one is right near the top.

And who can resist a little water baby?  Things sound womb-like under water and I find that submerging a baby’s ears can be very calming.

Those first few weeks after a new baby joins the family are not always easy, but they are beautiful and sweet and they go by so fast. Thank goodness for photos that can bring us back to those newborn days. Congratulations, Erin and Matt!