Seattle Newborn Photography | Newborn Melina

Snow has been pretty scarce in Seattle this winter, but we did have a day back in February where we woke up to a beautiful white layer over everything. Usually I’m a fan of snow days, but on this day I needed to cross town to photograph newborn Melina. Her newborn window was running out and this session needed to happen. Thankfully, the main roads were fine, and the side streets didn’t give me too much trouble. The snow just made Melina’s warm session even cozier.

And oh my goodness, I had fun that day with Cathy, Calvin,  two-year-old Hayley whose newborn photos you can see here, and brand new Melina. At first I thought Melina was going to be a bit of a challenge, preferring to stay wrapped up, but once she got settled she did beautifully. If you’ve looked at my new pricing (under the Investment tab in the menu) and wondered what a Complete Newborn Session looks like, this is it. The posed, sleeping baby photos where we play with hats and wraps and blankets, are the difference between a Complete Newborn Session and a Lifestyle Newborn Session.

Cathy and I talked beforehand about what colors she wanted to incorporate for this baby. She told me red, whites, and creams. My husband, Trevor, made this little pixie bonnet. (He’ll be launching his Etsy store soon!)

Hayley, like most two-year-olds was on a limited time table, but I love these shots with her sister. And the headband in the shots below is from TeagansTotShop on Etsy. I don’t usually go for frilly, but this was SO sweet. Melina looks so beautiful in that delicate pink.

As much as I love the posed baby shots, my favorite images of the day are of the family just being together on their bed.

We ended our time together with some beautiful mama and baby portraits and a shot of Melina on pretty chair, echoing a shot from Hayley’s newborn session.
Congratulations, Cathy and Calvin!