Seattle Birth Photography | Ivy’s Birth

There were so many things to love about photographing this Seattle area home birth! Here are just a few of my favorite elements:

Beautiful birthing spaces. Of course you can have a beautiful home birth in any kind of environment because birth itself is beautiful. But I love it when my clients ask me how to prepare their birth space for the best possible photos. Sarah and Kerry added beautiful twinkle lights around their birth tub and in the birth room, as well as pretty string lights over their bed. They thought about what blankets they wanted in photographs, and what meaningful items they’d want around them on birth day. And the result is images that show care and excitement as well as just being pretty. 🙂

Becoming Dad. Sarah and Kerry were expecting their first baby together, though this would be the third child in their family. It’s pretty cool to see a man not only watch the birth of his child, but actually CATCH his baby. These are important first moments.

Involved older siblings. You know I love births with older siblings present. Big sister, Eleanor got to announce the sex of the baby (a girl to everyone’s surprise!) and cut the cord, and Oliver got to put baby’s first hat on her head. With two grandmas present to help talk them through the process and hold them when things got exciting, Eleanor and Oliver were well prepared to watch their newest sibling’s birth.

Caul birth! It is very rare for a baby to be born completely in the caul (still wrapped in an in tact amniotic sac). I’ve seen a couple that came very close, but Ivy emerged from her mama completely in her sac. I love the photographs of Andrea, the midwife, peeling the sac away and the ones where Ivy is lying on her mama and you can see the clear membranes lying next to her. So COOL. Babies born in the caul are said to be very lucky and protected against drowning. Also, an en caul birth is a testament to a great midwife who allows birth to unfold naturally.

Here are some images from Ivy’s birth. I will add that the images right after birth show a purplish baby. Please know that this is absolutely normal for a freshly born baby.They come out kind of gray/purple and start to get more and more pink as the minutes go by. Even several hours after birth babies can still have hands and feet that are on the purple side. That’s just normal. I think it’s so interesting to see the colors baby turns as she transitions to life outside the womb, so I love showing those images in color.

And finally, at the bottom of the post you can see the slideshow telling Ivy’s birth story. Congratulations again, Sarah and Kerry!

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And here you can see Ivy’s birth story slideshow:

The Birth of Ivy from Jessica Peterson on Vimeo.