Seattle Family Photography | Grayson’s Library

Seattle often presents a challenge for wintertime family photography. I love to shoot outside, but there is a good portion of the year here when you have to be VERY flexible if you want an outdoor session. So when Kim and Donnie said they wanted their mid-December session to be at the Seattle library, I was thrilled. No monitoring hourly weather forecasts for us! And it had been forever since I had been to the library, so their choice of location sounded like a super fun adventure. I love shooting places I haven’t been before (or haven’t been in a long time). It helps keep me on my toes. Add in a two and a half year old and the common expectation that we be QUIET in a library, and we had quite the challenge ahead of us. But we were up to the task.

I’ve been photographing Grayson every six months since he was a week old. It is so fun to watch him grow and see all the new things he has learned and can do! On this day, in one of his favorite places, Grayson wanted to RUN. And run he did. Up slanting floors, through stacks of books, down colored corridors, that boy ran. Amazingly, we didn’t run into many other people! And maybe even more incredible, we were actually VERY quiet. (Yes, my inner rule-follower was cringing, but it is a BIG place and very empty on a Saturday morning.)

We did take some moments to enjoy the views, the architecture, and some books, as well as riding the elevator and escalator. And finally we ended outside with some hugs and laughs for mom and dad. Not a bad way to spend a winter morning in Seattle, right? I think the proof is in the images. Take a look at some of my favorites.

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