Seattle Newborn Photography | Newborn Lenora

She’s a girl! We’ll get to Lenora’s newborn photographs in just a sec, but first, some back story. Early one sunny Seattle morning in May, Mandy gave birth at home to her surprise baby girl, Lenora Rose. Like many first labors and births, it was a long, challenging process, but Mandy and Josh worked so beautifully together to bring their little one into the world. Some post-birth complications meant that Lenora dealt with some jaundice and Mandy’s own supply of breast milk wasn’t yet able to meet Lenora’s needs.  Several of you (my clients and friends) helped us to source donor breast milk and allowed little Lenora to gain weight and strength all while Mandy worked to increase her own supply. It makes me so happy to report to you that because of your help, and after resolving a tongue-tie issue, Mandy was able to transition off of the SNS/donor milk when Lenora was a little over a month old, and now, at almost nine months old, Lenora is a happy and healthy breast-fed baby. Mandy and Josh wanted to extend their thanks to each of you who helped them through this challenging time in their lives. It is so disheartening to know that your baby is not receiving all she needs from you, her mother. I’ve been there, too. And I know many of you out there have as well. But with the extra time you provided via the donor milk, Mandy was able to get her supply up to where it needed to be. What a gift! It is incredible what a community of women, mothers, can do for each other. So thank you all. Thank you for putting the word out there for a mother in need, and thank you for sharing your stories of similar experiences with Mandy and I. It really does help to know that you are not alone in your struggle. Thank you for doing those things for this family.

And back to Lenora’s newborn session! Like all of my friend’s babies, Lenora didn’t really want to cooperate so much with the lady with the camera. She was content to be in her parents’ arms. And she loved to eat. 🙂 And that was all fine, because look at the images we still captured!


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