Abigail Joy’s Birth | Seattle Birth Photography

So many fourth babies these days! This was the second birth I’ve photographed for Bethany. I documented her third birth not even a year before. So I knew how quickly labor would go once contractions began in earnest. Really, by the time you can tell that contractions are hard, Bethany is pushing her baby out. Her midwife, Andrea of Northshore Midwives, and I both decided we wanted to arrive at Bethany’s home as soon as contractions began. We spent a lovely afternoon chatting and watching Bethany’s family just be themselves: light-hearted, loving, and laid back. Isabel and her grandma even made birthday cupcakes. When Bethany decided it was time to get in the birth tub, we knew we were minutes from meeting the newest family member. A girl! It couldn’t have been a more perfect birth. Scroll through some photos from the day and at the bottom of this post you can watch Abigail’s birth slideshow.

And here is Abigail’s whole birth story. Enjoy!