George’s Birth | Seattle Birth Photography

I knew when I met with Jordan and Mark back in November that this would be one of my favorite births. And it didn’t disappoint! Jordan is a birthing goddess. So much so that it was hard for me to tell when she was having a contraction. She was so serene. And Mark was attentive and loving and everything you want your partner to be. As the sun came up their three older children busied themselves with Legos and books until they all gathered in the bedroom to watch their mama birth their baby brother with strength and grace. It was simply beautiful as I hope you can see from a few photos. Scroll through and at the bottom of this post is their fusion slideshow – a combination of film and stills to tell George’s birth story.

And here you have the whole story. I LOVE what adding film brings to a birth story!

Say hello to George from One Tree Photography on Vimeo.