Montgomery’s Story | Seattle Birth Videography

When Autumn texted to tell me she was pregnant again, I was completely caught by surprise. We had photographed the birth of her son, Riggins, only a few months earlier. I was not the only person who was caught off guard. 🙂 But I was thrilled for her and her family, and even more so when she told me she wanted a full film (scroll to the bottom of this post to view it) that included footage of her family before baby, the birth, and after baby arrived as well. Getting to tell a bigger story is so fun for me! And I know that Autumn loves having all these moments captured for posterity. Our childbearing years go by so quickly; it’s important to document this crazy time as thoroughly as possible.

I went to the Snow’s house on December 3rd to get footage of them as a family preparing for baby and Christmas. The boys decorated the tree (Riggins tried eating an ornament) and they showed me baby Montgomery’s first Christmas ornament. It was a sweet, simple afternoon. We also shot a handful of images.

Four days later, Autumn texted to say that she was in early labor. This would be the third birth I’ve documented for Autumn, and I knew that she has her babies FAST. I missed the birth of Riggins because it went so fast, and I was determined not to miss this one. That first text came in at 10:38pm and Montgomery was born at 11:32pm. I made it in time to document the short (but intense!) bit of labor there was.

A few days later I got to come back and document the new family of six. Those brothers were sure proud of their baby sister.

And here is the final product! The full film telling Montgomery’s story. She was welcomed into her family with so much love and care. I’m so happy that one day she’ll get to watch and see first hand how happy her family was to meet her.

Montgomery's Story from One Tree Photography on Vimeo.