Seattle Birth Photography | Declan’s Birth

I’ve been photographing births for the last nine years now, and one thing I know for sure: anytime I make a general statement, like, “first babies tend to be long labors” I will be immediately proven wrong. The only certainty in birth is that there is no certainty in birth.

Aimee’s water broke at 10:30pm with no contractions yet. They started up that night but were fairly spaced out until the morning when things started picking up. Around 7am Jackie let me know that they were planning to meet their midwife (Heather of Seattle Home Maternity) and doula (Erika Davis) at Center for Birth at 8:30am. We agreed that I would wait until they were at the birth center and had a cervical check before deciding when I would meet them. The next text I received was at 8:59am: “The baby is coming!!!” I flew out the door and down to Seattle, completely afraid that I would miss this birth. I arrived at 9:30am and was so relieved to see that Aimee was still pushing. Ten pound 8 ounce Declan was born 30 minutes later.

Aimee and Jackie worked beautifully together to birth their baby. The room was so full of love and light and laughter, too. Declan is a lucky boy to be born into such a loving family, and I think everyone in attendance felt blessed to have witnessed that perfect Sunday morning birth.

Scroll through to see some images from Declan’s birth and at the bottom of this post you can play his birth story slideshow.


And here is Declan’s full slideshow.