Birth Details & Investment

Birth Photography Package… $3000+ tax

This package includes: 

- 24/7 on call availability for the two weeks before and two weeks after your due date

- photographic coverage of active labor through newborn exam and first meetings (regardless of length of labor)

- an online slideshow of images telling your story and set to music

- a flash drive with all edited images in high resolution (usually 100+ images) and web-sized versions for online use

- a 10 x 10 photo book with leather or fabric cover of your choice and approximately 30 lay-flat sides

- 20% off of additional session packages when booked with your birth

Add On Services:

- Add video services and make your slideshow a fusion of video and stills.... $600+ tax

- upgrade to a full film... $1000+ tax

- add an herbal bath session for after your birth... $400+ tax

- add a mini maternity session... $400+ tax

- add a Day One mini session (perfect for siblings meeting baby the day after the birth)... $400+ tax

*** payment plans are available, please contact me for more details

midwife Andrea Henderson bring me to tears quietly present "I have attended several births where Jessica was the photographer. She does a great job of being

at the birth while taking beautiful pictures. Jessica's photos and videos are touching and have the ability to

even after attending hundreds of births."
doula and birth client Kate Dewey calm reverence and respect my fourth baby. "Jessica’s presence in the birth room was one of the biggest reasons I chose her as my birth photographer for the home birth of

As a birth doula, I had seen Jess at many births and was awed at how she balanced her incredible skill at capturing the emotions of births, while also maintaining a

for the birthing space of the laboring family."

Client Slideshows & Films


This full video (and yes, it's a long one!) tells the story of Jordan's third out-of-hospital birth and first home birth. This birth truly felt like a party that happened to end with a beautiful baby. Eastside Birth Center midwives attended this birth, along with doula Kristin Dibeh.


Chieu and Brian planned a birth center birth, but when labor stretched on for days, they elected to go to the hospital and eventually it was decided that a C-section was the best choice. Brian took my camera into the OR and did a great job of capturing Luna's birth moment. This is an example of a photography-only birth.

The Birth of George

A fusion of film and stills telling George’s beautiful birth story. This peaceful Seattle-area home birth was attended by Sarah of Snohomish Midwives. George was born to Jordan and Mark with all three of their older children in the room watching.

The Birth of Declan

The photos-only slideshow of Declan’s powerful birth at Center for Birth in Seattle. Declan was Aimee and Jackie’s first child and he couldn’t have been welcomed with more love. This birth was attended by Heather of Seattle Home Maternity.

The Birth of Thomas

This photo slideshow tells Thomas’ hospital birth story. Thomas arrived in a hurry, much to the amazement of Lani and Doug.

Montgomery’s Story

A full film documenting the Snow family a few days before Montgomery was born, during her fast home birth, and a few days after. I love getting to tell the FULL story.

The Birth of Zachary

This story is a fusion of film and stills. Zachary had a Cesarean birth, but I was allowed to document the moments after the birth and then later as he settled in at home.

The Birth of Henry

Roxy and Chris welcomed their fourth baby (surprise! it’s a boy!) at home on a sunny October day in Seattle. This happy birth was attended by Heather of Seattle Home Maternity and Kate of Let It Be Birth.